Hi Kurt,
If you do decide to sell it please keep me in mind. I have one 7J20 with the J20. My 7J20 plugin acts up on a regular basis so I would love to have a spare since these are so rare.

I discovered atomic physics in college when I took a course on it and as a result I became fascinated by spectra. I used to go in the physics lab after hours to study the spectra of the various gas filled spectral tubes in a dark room using an optical spectrometer. I loved the purity of each spectral line and I tried to figure out a way to calculate their brightness.

When I discovered the 7J20/J20 could do this I was hooked. It took me years before I found one and it was missing the interconnecting cable so I was able to get it at a reduced price. After about 2 years of studying the schematics I managed to make myself a cable for it.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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I have a 7J20. Unfortunately, I don't have the sampling head. I've had it for a long time, and when I got it, I knew it was uncommon, but I figured a sampling head would eventually turn up. No such luck - at least so far.
I got it wanting to do some optical spectroscopy work, and still would like to get it working for that purpose.

If anyone has a sampling head, let me know, otherwise I might reluctantly let this one go for sale or trade (and I do mean reluctantly).

Regards - Kurt

Dennis Tillman W7pF
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Kurt Swanson


Should the time come come to part with the 7J20, I will certainly keep you in mind. As I mentioned before, I'm really not fishing for a buyer: I also have a long unfulfilled interest in optical spectroscopy. which is why I grabbed this thing in the first place. Unfortunately, it is also now pretty clear that I will likely never find the missing parts, so I will likely just hold on to it, and when the time comes, it would likely be part of an interesting trade.

In the mean time, if anyone turns up a J20, please let me know.

Thanks - Kurt