Time and frequency items added to the on line stuff day event


I have added some time nuts items to the big annual stuff day (now on-line stuff season thanks to covid-19)
event at Sphere Research. The good part is now people far away get to snorkel though all the goodies.

There are some wonderful precision time code systems, using either internal crystal timebases or your own cesium reference to make beautiful 365 day clocks for your desk. One even has 2 linked remote stations (perfect for your own personal mission command console area). Look in in the time/frequency section. Also inexpensive high end hp precision counters (using 10811A's), see the hp section. Plus many other interesting items from white LED arrays to MC1496 mod/demod chips, great for making frequency doublers.

See everything here:
Maybe you will find something to take your mind off current events, and don't forget, we add
traditional stuff day free stuff to your order. Yes, we take requests for items you don't see.

all the best,