I’ve just joined, and this is my first post here. I subscribed because I love older Tektronix Analog Equipments, which I believe are unfortunately very much looked down on by many people just because they use, what they call “an obsolete technology”. To me they are far superior in more ways than one might think. Although probably less convenient to use. You have to think more. Anyways, I like to find nice pieces, restore and calibrate them to the best of my abilities. And I do have some Tek calibration tools for that, like a leveled sine wave generator, a time mark generator, etc... I’m in no way an electronics expert Who can pinpoint problems and fix them, let alone calibrate. But I do my best to learn and to get better at it.

However, 3 of the 9 scopes (One inside a TM506) I have, have issues that I’m having a hard time to fix ATM.
That will be the topic of my next post “465 TURNS ON, NO TRACE, NO DOT“. I saw a thread From 2016 on the exact same subject. And although there were some very good advice there, it didn’t help me much so far, cause there was no follow up...
Anyways, I’m glad I found the forum.