What is the differences between Tek P6021 and TCP202 current probes?

Daniel Lu

Hello all,

as the topic suggests, I know both P6021 and TCP 202 are 15A current probes. While the former is BNC connector, the latter is TAP-BNC to hook on. But are there any other differences?

I have a TDS2014 and a TDS3014. Originally I wanted to buy a TCP 202 for both my scopes, but then I realized that TCP 202 cannot hooked on TDS2014. So I need to find another 15A current probe for my 2014. I did some research and found that P6021 might works, but I also worried that it will have very differnet performances comparing to TCP202.

Does anyone know the differneces? Or do you have your personal experince that can share?

Thank you all very much.



On Wed, Jun 24, 2020 at 09:14 AM, Daniel Lu wrote:

Does anyone know the differneces?
Specs of both are readily available on the Internet.
One very significant difference is that the TCP202 allows DC and AC measurements, the P6021 is AC-only.



The TCP202 is DC coupled, and the P6021 is AC coupled.

I have used current probes quite a bit for switching power supply design. The DC coupling is critical for this work.

My preference for a 20 Amp probe is an A6302 with an AM503B amplifier. The amplifier provides a lot of flexibility in setting up the gain and offset. Another advantage is is can be connected to other brand of oscilloscopes or data acquisition equipment, since it has a standard BNC output.

I also have a TCP202. I like the size, but the offset adjustment is very touchy, and it relies on the oscilloscope input for AC coupling and gain settings. It is also only rating at 15A rather than 20.

There is a modern replacement of the A6302/AM503B combination TCP305A w/ TCPA300. I've used it at a clients lab, and it is very capable, but very expensive.

Mark Litwack

You can use the TCP202 with your TDS2014 with the addition of an 1103 external power supply.

There are also a couple of projects for a DIY probe power supply over on eevblog:


Daniel Lu

Thank you Mark, these are very useful information!

Daniel Lu

Thank you! I will have A6302 a check!

Steve Lindberg

For Tek probe questions I refer all to Tekprobes group. Some very savvy probe folks thereā€¦.

Steve Lindberg

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