What to do with a tubeless 502?

Roy Thistle

Hi All:
Well there's a story behind this one
I don't quite know what to do with it.
The CRT is there... most of the knobs (missing some from the blinding posts)... I think all the parts are there (I need to check better.)
It's in good shape... except for the carrying strap rot (no faux leather... just the spring steel... but, that's usually the case.)
Anyway... bulk isn't really a surmountable problem... but, weight is. I've already got a pile.
Remove the transformer and store separately?
Best wishes all.


Is this one a victim of the recent unpleasantness in Portland?

Roy Thistle

Hi Wasteland Tek:
Such a cool name! I'm envious.
I must have missed the "unpleasantness in Portland?"
No.. there's a story to this one; but, I don't want to trigger the TekScope vigilantes so it will remain untold.
It's actually a 502A... I was thinking of some way to make it lighter so I could stack it.... or... suggestions?
Best regards and wishes.