Belden Pressure Fit BNC


That's what I thought also.
I was just intrigued by the compression fit, I really like the idea. I have been looking for such a fitting for a while.
Now there is one. Let me know if you try it. I might just invest in the tool and a few BNC connectors, but it would be nice to have some positive input on the device. I suppose going to really good RG 58 stuff might be necessary.
Wally KC9INK


You *might* be able to use it with RG-223 the center conductors are pretty close in diameter, but the additional shield increases the overall diameter from .195 to .210 so getting it onto the cable will definitely be a fight. Maybe you can drill out the inside of the connector compression sleeve to fit the coax better if you can find the just-right size drill bit.
I've got lots of RG58 that I use for my test equipment, so I'll probably get some to try out. I use compression connectors exclusively for my RG-6QS cable TV wiring because I find them easier and more secure than the crimp connectors, plus they're water-tight.
Dave - AC2GL


Does anyone have any experience with this BNC? Pressure fit connectors are normal for 75 ohm, this is for 50 ohm
Please note that the specs make use of a RG 223 iffy. The diameters of 223 are slightly larger than the specs of the connector.
Connector specs:
center pin: .0317-.0339
OD: .185-.201

Belden 223 specs:
center pin: .034
OD: .212

Belden RG 58 does fit the specs, but I would like to use something better, I normally use RG 223.

Any suggestions?
Wally KC9INK