Tektronix 2246: looking for T2203 replacement


Hi everyone,

First post here. I did my best looking for a previous answer to this question but I couldn't find any so I thought I'd go ahead and ask.

To make a long and embarrassing story short, I did something really stupid and blasted poor T2203 (PN: 120-1686-00) on my 2246's PS board with mains voltage... yeah not my best moment. Anyhow, I checked the usual places (ebay, qservice, etc) for a replacement but had no luck. I also tried softening the glue/lacker holding the ferrite core together by putting the transformer in near-boiling water for around 30 minutes, but that didn't do the trick. Would any of you happen to have a spare transformer/power supply board they'd be willing to sell? I'd also gladly accept suggestions on how to take appart this transformer.

Thanks in advance!