The schematic for the P6131 probe I use on my 2465b. I can't figure it out! T-coil

John Gord

Take a look at page 25 of the following document:

It discusses a probe with T-coil termination.

--John Gord

Lawrance A. Schneider

Sorry to be in a learning mode relative to posting my own posts.

I have up-loaded to the photos area the schematic to the P6131 probe. No mater how I re-draw it, I can't make sense of it.

AND!! That should have been "ECE student".

Lawrance A. Schneider

In my own post, 'etc student' was to have been 'EEC student'.


Lawrance A. Schneider

The schematic of which I write is in the probe's manual. It uses a T-coil to extend the bandwidth. With all the discussion about attachments, ... Further, I'm not sure how to post a photo of the schematic anyway; if someone knows how and would like to post it I can send it to whomever. I've found a few urls for the T-coil: Mr. Ross seems to have brought it to TEK again, Mr. Ross seems to have brought it to TEK

Back a half century ago, when I worked with Hermit Polynomials and Dirac equations, I could (maybe) handle the above references; at present, I'm having a very hard time. In any event, it is more than this second year etc student can handle.

Does anyone have a more clear explanation of how the damn T-coil works?