576 Curve tracer Digitizer/Screen replacement


I followed the other threads on 576’s

Its clear that there are a few people thinking about a Digitizer/Screen replacement for the 576

I acquired a 576 that I have not dug into and don’t know the condition of the screen.
So getting a bit ahead of my self, I too have done some thinking.

I looked at different ways to do things many of which were mentioned in the other thread.

My conclusion was that an Analog Discovery USB Oscilloscope might be good choice.
At the time Digilent was selling them to students for what must have been close to cost. I believe Digilent sold to National Instruments and now the cost has gone up to $279.

Any way it has two 25V differential channels with 14 bits of resolution at 100MS/s.
Also has 16 I/O lines and a bit of power with a USB interface.

Step 1 would be to just connect it in X/Y mode possibly with 4 op amps to buffer the signals. I think that could be done with a modification that could be removed without much evidence.

Step 2 would be to use the I/O to get connected to an initial pulse and then a pulse from each step.

Step 3 would be to connect Opto Couplers to each light and run those into the I/O
Most likely through a matrix, I think that would be a major permanent modification unless there is a connector that can be tapped into.

Step 4 would be to use the SDK to write some software to create a proper interface.

The claim is that it can run on windows or Linux and now run it can run on a raspberry pi, which would make a screen replacement with out a windows PC possible.

And then Step 5 would be to add a tube tester adapter.

And then Step 6 would be to digitize the tube manufactures graphs and properly scale them to display in the background of the display.

So far more thinking then doing.

I have a 576 condition unknown, a Analog Discovery and a tube tester with the right switches.