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To all who were annoyed about my shouting in capital letters about 12 messages ago I got the point that capital letters were offending some people. That was not my intention.

If you want to have a conversation about teletypes please continue it on one of the Teletype Forums. They will be more interested in what you have to say; but since Tektronix didn't make teletypes, and since teletypes don't have scopes in them, there is virtually no relevance to them on TekScopes.

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Dennis Tillman W7PF

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If we don't speak up than people don't learn and grow. It isn't about being offended it is about being compassionate and respectful of other peoples feelings. If someone uses all caps or a lot of fully Capitalized words I don't even bother to read the message. It is immediately deleted. Just like I won't tolerate some yelling or screaming at me. If someone wants to behave like a jerk than I choose not to have anything to do with them.
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rich! BTW: Merry Christmas to all!

On 12/19/2019 10:35 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:
Many were using Model 33ASR teletypes, and indeed had no capslock,
only caps.

Others were so used to teletypes, that they preferred to stay with all

Honestly, life is much easier if you stop worrying about stuff like
this. You will never please everyone, why try? Do it the way you

Learn to be tolerant. Someday, someone may even be tolerant of your

-Chuck Harris

Greg Muir via Groups.Io wrote:
Ever have any experience dealing with email on the pre-Internet ARPNET? Used Unix “vi” for all emails and replies came in from other agencies frequently in caps as if the writers didn’t understand that they had a caps lock on their keyboard.

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