577 AC collector supply not reading zero on display (FS: Variac brushes)

Brad Thompson

Chuck Harris wrote on 12/9/2019 10:00 AM:<snip>
Variac's are funny beasts.
<much good info snipped>
Someone in the group may have an older Superior Electric Variac languishing on
the shelf for want of a replacement brush (online prices for these are scary)..

I'm offering FS the following NOS  replacement brushes for certain models of
Superior Electric's Powerstat (tm) variable-voltage transformers:

One pair (2 pcs.) RB-116 (for all types of models 116, 117, 216, 217 and type 116U-40)    Both for $12.00 plus postage

Three pcs.  RB1126/RB1226 (for all types of models 1126 and 1226) All three for $18.00 plus postage

Bonus: not for variable-voltage transformers, but free to first purchaser of one of the brush sets listed above:

One pair (2 pcs.) Delco-Remy F-700 brush set (for 1946-1962 Mercury  or 1955-1960 Lincoln)

Questions welcomed, PayPal honored


Brad  AA1IP