602 (XY) CRTs


Hi group,

I'm refurbishing a 602 with no spot visible (with Z input driven at ~
1V). All LV voltages are good. Waiting for a high voltage probe in order
to do more checks.

I want to keep a spare CRT on hand just in case, and I'd prefer it to
have P7 or P45 phosphor.

I also have 634 and 604 here. Does anyone know the CRT compatibility for
the various 6xx family models? Ebay hasn't turned up a 154-0562-01 or
154-0572-01 yet, but if there is wider compatibility it would be
interesting to know.

Thanks for any guidance on 602 troubleshooting or CRTs.


kc0wox Leeper

Here's some info on repairing 620's. It had a crt dot but it might help you.