577 R300 pot


On the main board of the 577 R300 "Step Zero" appears burned and I would like to replace it.

It is a 100k 30% 0.25W pot. Preferably I would like to replace it with the same type if possible.

Also I will look around and submit replacement parts which might work for review

71450 201--YA5549


Digikey shows several similar to the original. Surely something there will be workable?

Not sure of the original PC Board drill pattern, however this series in particular catches my eye.

DIGIKEY # 1993-1196-ND PIHER # PT15NV02-104A2020-S (DATA SHEET for this series)

Good Luck!

Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR


This is a good start, your help is appreciated!


I believe this connecting pattern will fit on the board best. There is 2 connectors coming out each side and down and then 2 connectors coming out towards the bottom and down, a total of 4 connectors. I know this is a 470k trimmer resistor so I will need to find a 100k