465 vert tear down instructions.

Dave Peterson

Ok, here we go!

Now I'm in it. Took the trigger/sweep boards out yesterday, no problem. I'm trained and somewhat practiced at solder work, so that in itself doesn't bother me. I was a little intimidated at de-soldering the trigger BNCs, but they were easier than I feared. I loved how the boards came out with the switch assemblies attached. Only the power switch and time/div&var knobs had to come off first. Love how these things are built with maintenance/service in mind. It was a great start.

Now I'm over to vert attenuator/preamp A1, A2, A3 boards. Yikes! How in the #@!& do you get this thing apart!?

This is why I'm hear. So many things are clear and obvious after you do them the first time. But this IS the first time! For everything I've seen online I haven't seen a definitive step-by-step guide for getting these out. That doesn't mean there's not one, I just haven't found it in plain sight.

I did a search here for "465 preamp removal" and found 2 threads. Searching for "465 vert removal" didn't turn up much, and other "vert" searches return too much. The pictures in are spot on. It's not a question of what's there. The question is, which connections, and which screws precisely get these boards out? Is there some disassembly of the attenuator boards that makes more space for maneuvering in these tight spaces?

I did find some threads on EEVBlog, but I haven't signed up there yet, and haven't yet found "the definitive how-to". Does someone know a link to a specific "how-to" thread with specific detail?

I have a nice 35W Weller iron that did a nice job on the trigger BNCs. Not too hot, not too cold. I can't quite see how I'm going to get it in there to pull out the vert BNCs. And I really can't tell how those 10x connections are actually put together. I guess I could just completely disassemble all of these components one by one and rebuild it from pictures going back together. But I'm loath to do that as I don't think that's likely to be the normal process. Given the designed serviceability of these scopes I doubt that's the prescribed process.

It looks like maybe the right thing to do is to pull the four sturdy looking wires connecting the attenuator boards to the preamp? And then pull the preamp first? Doesn't really resolve the issue with the BNC connections tho.

Hope you guys can give me some pointers here. Thanks!

Dave Peterson

Guess that's a right of passage?

"Let us see what squirt does flying solo." "Duude,"

Remove C3 (CH1) and C53 (CH2). Big silver caps blocking nuts to face plate. Remove 1/4" nuts. BNCs come out with vert assembly.

Unsolder wires attached near R6 and R56 (attached to 10x connectors). Leave the rest alone!

Do other detachments. Remove CH1/CH2 knobs. Vert assembly comes out as a whole.

Could have taken 20 minutes.

Now I know.