3S2 sampler dilemma

Tim Phillips

from Tim P (UK)
I have a bunch of S1 and S2 sampler heads, along with two 3S2 plug-ins.
I am trying to sort out what head works with which plug-in, ideally to get
them all to work with each other. The dilemma is which 'end' to start - to
test the 3S2 I need a working sampler head, and to test the heads I need a
properly working 3S2 !
I have now set up my 7T11 / 7S11 rig in a 7603, so I can (I hope) at least
check the heads for blown sampling diodes. So far, the S1s are OK, but need
cal, the S2s don't seem to do anything at all - probably no strobe.
Fortunately, I have extension cables and manuals, so here goes !


I must be missing something. If you have some S1's known to be working (in your 7S11) then they should work in your 3S2 also, so any problems other than calibration will be in the 3S2...
Hopefully you also have a 3T* timebase :)