Excess scopes (7934, 7603, 468, 465)

Paul Amaranth

Clearing out excess equipment for a move. I don't want to ship
any of these at this time (two reasons: I hate shipping scopes
and I don't have the time to pack them properly). You should
be in driving range of SE Michigan (around Ann Arbor) or make
a stop if you're on a fall color tour.

I have a 7934 mainframe that is surplus to my needs. This one
came out of a DOE facility and seems to work fine.

No plugins, mainframe only $120.

Also have a couple of 7603s with 1 V plugin + timebase $60 ea

Also, a 468 mostly working + a 468 parts scope. $95 for both.
I seem to recall some minor issue with that one, but it was a
couple years ago and I have lost the details.

Also, a couple of 465s; may be repairable, may be parts. No idea
on these; I got them on a pallet. $50 ea

Currently, these are all 80 miles away from me, so if you want
pictures you'll have to be patient.


Paul Amaranth, GCIH | Manchester MI, USA
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Jason A.

Hi Paul,

I'm trying to figure out if a road trip is in my future. I'm patient if you do have pics.

Thanks and best regards,