7603 center slot connector issue (was Dead 7603)

Vintage Test

Hi Jim,

I remember offering you a connector back when you first asked, but you never sent me your address! Strangely, I was clearing out my lab and found the connector, packed up and ready to go! Would you still like it?


you can never have enough oscilloscopes, DMMs, valve testers or soldering irons . . .


Jim, had these come off on a 7603   years ago,

mine weren't broken just bowed.  On the 7603 I used a pencil eraser, the large draftsman type

and pushed/wedged  it between the shell and the adjacent PC board. This held the shell against the contacts

and its still working many years later.  I would send you a pix, but I plugged my 7L14 into my 7603  a year ago

as a permanent fixture and just found it jammed in and cant unplug it without fear of breaking the pull tab

Many plug ins inserted and removed b4 that with no probs.

The 7603 had an LHS  plug in shell  come off too, and since there is no pc board adjacent that I fixed a small

Al bracket on the frame to hold that one in with the  compressed eraser.

I used hi quality erasers , Staedler, which have stood the test of time , maybe hard to get now with the demise of

penciled/ inked  drafting?  Maybe you could use two to press in both glued halves?

Cheap and quick enough to give it a go



Jim Ford

I'm finally getting around to fixing my 7603, after almost a year. Now that the kids are out of school for the summer I should have time to work on it.

To refresh everyone's memory, after I replaced a 18,000 uF electrolytic capacitor on the 8 V rail with a more modern 22,000 uF job, I bumped the center plug-in slot connector, and half of it cracked off. With some help from this group, I used JB Weld to glue it back on. Unfortunately, the broken half kind of bowed when it went back on, and not all of the contacts connect when I put a plug-in into the middle slot. So the middle slot is useless at this point. I tried filing down the connector, but no luck so far.

Any ideas on the quickest, easiest way to fix it?

I'd post a photo, but I need to know how to do so first. Dennis?

Thanks, everybody!

Jim Ford