DSA602A Random Power Off


Greetings! I recently purchased an eBay DSA602A. No errors but after it warms up or during an EA process it will make a pop sound and shut down randomly. Sometimes it comes back on it's own but will not stay on more than 5 minutes. The pop sound is a "static discharge to chassis" type noise which could just be the unit suddenly powering down the CRT after a fault. So may be unrelated to the issue.

My question is: where do I start?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Egge Siert

Hi Will,

It looks to me as a Thermal Cut-Off issue. All three fans must turn freely and with good speed.


Egge Siert


Thank you for your reply. I found the issue. Posting it here in case anyone else comes across this issue.

It was the power supply regulator board. Some of the caps were dented during shipping and the regulated 50V was drooping below what it should have been and tripping the protection circuit.

Re-capping the crap out of everything fixed the issue and it now runs for hours without any problem.