49xp 27xx extender boards??? Is there a need or supplier?


Does anyone make extender boards for these analyzers? I am finding that I need a set to work on a few boards on my 497P.

Doing a search they seem to be extremely rare.

Does anyone else have a need for a set to work on the top set of boards? I see a guy in Rhode Island who makes boards for the HP gear, and he
says he will any extender if there is a need. If enough of us need an extender board he might be inclined to offer a kit.

I'd be willing to contact him if there is enough interest in our group, but I'd need some technical data on the pin spacing and connectors used for those cards
to make sure I am asking for exactly what is needed.


Bob Koller

Norway Labs made extenders for the 49x SA's. I am not sure if they still have any, but give them a call next week at 503-924-5846.