SD-26 disassembly, how to separate sampling gate block from pcb

Albert Otten

Does anyone know how to remove the complete sampler block from the printed circuit board? I ask since I'd like to replace the channel select switches. The solder lips are hidden between sampler block and pcb. I removed the 6 block attachment screws but still I can't remove the block with reasonable force. Maybe more force is needed because there are several contact pins between this block and the pcb. The nice close-up repair photos by Leo Bodnar show the internals of the sampler block but not how to remove the block (the block perhaps was still in situ during repair).
It seems that the tiny plastic push pins of the switches have been cut away deliberately. I guess this has been done to prevent any accidental touches by an operator. I can still activate the switches using a small screw driver, so I don't want to take the risk of damaging the otherwise functioning head.