2465B power supply spare


Bonjour a tous:

Have a blown 2465B PSU, a late SN with many nice options.
Had a line startup/transistor driver issue, in debugging, have blown the main switch transistors and driver parts.
I am about out of time.

I asked Walter at Sphere, if he had any spare PSU and came up empty.
Qservice in Greece has them but cost + shipping is a large fraction of the value of the scope!

If anyone has a junker/parts 2465/A/B (all same PSU, I think) that can yield a good PSU, OR a spare that works, I am very grateful.

You Can ship on my Fed Ex acct, to USA location. Or if you are in EU, post to an adresse in Paris.

Am open to any reasonable swap, have TEK probes, spare TM500 and 7000 plugins and spare parts.

Mille Mercis pour votre gentil aide!

Bon Journee,


Jaap Rusticus

Hello Jean-Paul,
May I do you an offer to try to repair your power supply? Please PM me.



I have a fully-overhauled PSU available in stock
Check CondorAudio website homepage, and my email is in RED, in the middle of the page.

M Yachad