2465 Kernel Error - EPROM Parity Check Error


Hi Tek Group:

My 2465 is stuck at Kernel checking when powering up. The LED light Trig'd flashes quickly, and the READY, +, - lights are OFF, ON, OFF.

According to the manual, this is caused by Parity Check error of U2378 EPROM 2764. So I removed this EPROM and checked its content against the image posted at https://w140.com/tekwiki/images/0/01/160-1626-04.bin and it seems the content is correct. I also tried with a replaced EPROM ATMEL AT28C64B, with the same image content. The same error persists.

I tried also recap the power supply and that didn't solve the problem either.

If I click the A/B Trigger button, the scope will ignore the Kernel error and boot up. Then it is usable, and everything seems normal. That seems to indicate that the processor is working.

So what else could be the likely cause of the problem?