2465 Blue Filter for CRT


I just recently re-capped a 2445 and had good results with that so I picked up at 2465 (plain 2465 no letter) to do the same to. The 2445 has the blue filter in it and the 2465 does not - first thing I noticed when powering it on. To me the filter is easier on my eyes so I was wondering if anyone knew a source for them? I checked eBay and did a general Google search but only turned up the filter from Q-Serivces that's grey/blue and didnt look the same nor did it look like it fit a 24X5.


Jim Strohm

Kodak, among others, used to supply gel filters to specific optical standards and in specific colors. They used to be cheap but now appear to be horrendously expensive, based on a brief google search. Try searching on “wratten”, the Kodak trade name for these.

However, all is not lost. You can check your local big-box office supply store for acetate (or similar) report covers. You won’t get the usual photo-grade stuff, but you won’t be looking at $100-price scale either.

You might also get lucky at your nearest dollar store.

In another of my hobbies, we call things like this “mislabeled rocketry supplies.”

And you might even score on window tint film, but most of these are tints between brown and gray.


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Edward Prest