2235A Scope revisions

Ed Pavlovic

I'm in the process of finishing up the recapping of my 2235A, it started out
noticing the condition of the RIFA caps in the line filter and the main
board along with the IEC inlet filter, and kind of progressed from there. I
was following Valentin VE3VDO's excellent write up on this subject from back
in 2013 and ordered all of the parts about a year and a half ago and just
found the time over this weekend to tackle the project.

As I dug further into the project I realized that a few of the capacitors
have been removed, and in the case of C881 it was replaced with C883 and
C884. The versions of the instruction/service manual that I have found
online show C881, but not C883 and C884. Was there ever a revised manual
released for the 2235A? Or was there just some change sheets issued to
insert in the manual?

Reason that I'm asking is I wondering if any changes to the check out and or
calibration sequences from what is in the commonly available manual? I've
seen ones with both the regular blue cover and ones that have a white and
colored cover, does that date any manual changes?

I'm looking forward to getting this scope back up and running to get my
465's problems sorted out.



Ed Pavlovic

I probably should add to the previous message that my 2235A’s serial number is B0180**.