464 intermittent trace / sweep


I would like someone to help me to figure out why my trusty 464 won't keep the sweep going.
I do have shop manual.
The scope been sitting on my desk , unused for over two years.
As far as I can tell the CRT works OK.
The only visible / mechanical problem is that the delay sweep knob pulls out but has no indentation.
So the scope MAY be in "delay sweep" mode - but I cannot really tell.
I will provide more details when I get a reply.
Vaclav in Houston


Go to your other thread on this and do the basic checks I mentioned.


The kid was on right track for a change.
The coupling to the delayed sweep resistor (?) is missing set screw.
So it does not operate in known setting.
The question remains - is it in the box somewhere eventually;y causing more trouble?