11801/A/B/C differences

Reginald Beardsley

Can anyone provide a quick summary of the differences among the 4 versions?

I have a couple of 11801s and was looking for an 11801C, but after learning of the calibrator change from 20 ps to 250 ps am rather less interested in an 11801C unless it has some really useful features. I don't see a lot of value to color. I'm mostly looking for fewer bugs and useful features.

Have Fun!

Egge Siert

Hi Reginald,

I think the quickest indication of differences is page 14 of the following document:

With CSA803C and 11801C's these are all yours. In addition: the CSA803C has only two (instead of four) Active Sampling Head Compartments and is missing the 10x Attenuator on its Direct Trigger Input.


Egge Siert