11403A Scope Firmware Revision Question


Does anyone know what the latest version of the 11403A Executive firmware
Was version 3.6 the final one?
I'm pretty sure these two are the latest firmware revisions for their parts
of the 11401A:
Digitizer P3.0
Display P3.10

In 2014 Bruce Lane said he had version 3.6 of the 11403A Executive firmware
on his web site at

But it looks like that link is broken at the present time. I can always
reach Bruce when I need to but I am more interested in knowing if this is
the latest firmware revision or if there is one after this.

Thanks in advance,
Dennis Tillman W7pF

Egge Siert

Hi Dennis,

The most recent of my 11403A Mainframes (B011550, likely produced after 9334) has the following FW:

Executive: P3.6
Digitizer: P3.0
Display: P3.13

I think this is the latest FW (source Hakan Hintze).


Egge Siert