11403A Exec V3.6 programming questions


Can someone tell me what IC Tek uses for the Exec software in the 11403A.
I need to upgrade an 11403 with a v3.3 Exec with the v3.6 firmware.
Is the v3.3 chip eraseable and reprogrammable or do I need to program a
blank chip?

Dennis Tillman W7pF


Hi Dennis,

From the pictures I have, It looks like V3.3, V3.5 and V3.6 use the same AM27C010-150 EPROMs VPP@....



Hi Dennis,

The ICs U800-830 and U900-930, which contain the Exec software, are UV erasable EPROMs of the type 27C010 (128kx8, 150 ns or faster). In principle the original chips are reusable, however, these EPROMs are still quite easy to obtain.

Kind regards,