103-0165-00 for 7S14

Miguel Work

Hi I´m searching for "103-0165-00" part for 7s14, is plastic part at the end of the pluing.

does anyone have it?


On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 12:11 PM, Miguel Work wrote:

I´m searching for "103-0165-00" part
Are you sure about the P/N ?

I suspect you mean #85 on Exploded Fig 1 but got the P/N from the Fig 2 list.
If so the correct P/N is 351-0217-00 which was used in 7A42, 7D01, 7D02, 7L5, 7S12 and 7S14
For replacement 386-5467-00 should be used.


Miguel Work

Hi, thanks, yes is 351-0217-00, I looked in the wrong page