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Tek scopes:  7104, 7934, 7623, 7603, 475, 465.  More 7K plugins than I can count.  7A18, 7A18A, 7A13, 7A22, 7S14, 7S11, 7T11, 7A29, 7A24, 7A26, 7B53A, 7B10, 7B15, 7L5, 7L14, 7A15, 7B92.  Many of the same type.  All working when checked last.
TM500: Various cal plugins.  TM501, SG504, PG506, DC503, SG503, FG503, DC508, SG502, SG505, AM502, AA501, SG503A, PG502.
Type 284 pulse gen.  067-0587-01, 067-0587-02,
ATE maintenance & Field Service.  Retired in 2004, after 25 years, from Discrete Semiconductor ATE manufacturer Field Service/ Developmental Engineering/ Jack of all Trades in  this company.
Just trying to keep busy until the end.  Don't want the boob tube to rot my brain!