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I'm a beginner with a lot of interest in Component Level Repairs like Laptop motherboards, Audio Amps etc.

I'm an expert in Computers hardware and Software troubleshooting, and Networks.

But beginner in motherboard component level repairs, One of the tools for that its an  Oscilloscopes,  so my research for oscilloscopes begun.

They Only Reason I was Oscilloscope shopping was because I needed a basic oscilloscope to measure the Square waves out of an IC of a Car Audio amplifier.
I'm learning how to repair car audio amplifiers.

I some how ended Up with this Over Kill Instrument Tektronix 7104 , I  did my research before Visiting the seller,,  and Did find out this Scope is a Jewel and Very Fast 1ghz Instrument that used to cost thousands of dollars in the 70's, and was an exotic instrument used by Atomic Engineers etc.  for very fast Hz wave measuring.

He had it for 80$,  Since it looked really dirty and Had not Trace, and was not really responding well, I offer him 30. and he accepted

I decided to take it, Not for practicality of usage on daily repairs.  but for Learning and studying it and maybe one day repair it.  

and That's wear i'm at right now. Definitely taking my Time and Doing my Research First.