Re: So now they're sticking ads inside the group messages

Don Black <donald_black@...>

At least ads are something we can choose to act on or ignore.

Don Black.
PS I haven't looked at them but early in this NEO discussion someone suggested the test tube picture was reserving space for advertising (instead of our nice Tektronix photo). Seems they might have been onto something.

On 02-Oct-13 2:26 AM, Tom Miller wrote:

Maybe we can ask for our money back? Oh, wait, we don't pay anything for the service. Oh well, next idea.
Just funnin' you Ed. I don't see a way out. At least for now the email interface does not have adds. Yet.
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I see now that yahoo is sticking ads right in the message listings - in case we didn't notice the ones that take up the page periphery, and fill up all the rest of the space. I think we need some kind of revolt or maybe a lawsuit. Isn't this a violation of the spamming policies, or is it OK when yahoo does it?

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