Re: Firts scope, Tektronix 465 repair and restoration

vitor pinto

Hi dave.

Yes you are right, range is 5mV/div to 5V/div. sorry my mistake. what I mean is that amplitode is incorrect. eg the signal should appear with three divisions height but only appears with 2 divisions.

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I am confused about what you mean by "0.5V to 50V". The vertical attenuator
settings are 5mV/div to 5V/div.

When you say that channel 1 is off by "one division", do you mean that the
position is shifting as you change attenuator settings or that the amplitude is

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>Recently managed to get my hands on an old Tektronix 465 which has some problems, on CH1 volts\div from 0.5V to 50V range does not show the waveform.
>The problem appear after several hours around components of CH1 an attenuator was the cause of the problem. I managed to get the attenuator and two knobs who were missing from a supplier in greece in very good price.
>Now the entire range of Volt \ Div are working and the input signal is shown very clearly and stable in both channels, but now I have the signal on channel 1 showing out off calibration on the vertical position in about one division. I downloaded the manual to help me in the calibration process, but the pot from CH1 Gain was already at maximum, so the preoblema is being caused by another component. In an attempt to find the culprit I swapped the transistors of CH1 by CH2 but without effect, now I'm stuck with no idea what might be causing the problem
>I appreciate all the help given, and I apologize for my poor english.

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