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Don Black <donald_black@...>

I have Adobe Acrobat 7 and Foxit 2.2 . I can only open one copy of a document at a time as described with Acrobat but can have multiple copies open with Foxit (I have three open at the moment).

Don Black.

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ArtekManuals comments interspersed below

On 9/26/2013 10:17 PM, Robin Whittle wrote:

It would drive me bananas trying to work with service manuals on a
screen, no matter how big. Firstly I would need multiple such screens
because I frequently want to look at several pages at once
The ability to open multiple pages in the same document simultaneously would be a useful benefit. Being able to open the theory of operation section and the schematic at the same time for example. Adobe unfortunately only allows you open one copy of the file at a time (Foxit and other PDF Reader users please weigh in here). There is a work around simply make a 2nd copy of the file and then rename it ( as an example : 7633-osm.pdf and 7633-osm-1.pdf)   both files can be open simultaneously and if your monitor is big enough, they can be run side by side , but tiling also works for flipping back and forth.


That's not entirely accurate Dave..... :-)

You can have the same document opened multiple times without duplicating the file, in Adobe, however, its not done via the File menu.

Open the document, w/ Adobe, as usual.     Then go to the "Window" menu, and select "New Window".   You get a 2nd window w/ the same document.

I just verified it with Adobe Reader 9, and the latest Adobe Reader 11.

As for paper vs electronic. Personally I prefer both. The electronic for portability.  Paper for actual perusal.  Even with multiple windows, and large screens, flipping back and forth just "seems" more difficult.


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