Re: Tektronix 2465BDM Calibration Help

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

Hi Daniel,

I calibrate 2465's for $140 plus shipping to/from Maryland, USA.
Shipping works out to about $1/lb on a well packed 2465... about
$30 each way in the US.

I have a Fluke 5200A, and 5205A, so I can calibrate the AC up to
1000Vrms.... I have a Fluke 343A for DC up to 1000V and, I have
the usual TG501, PG506, SG503,FG501, and a Systron Donner leveled
synthesizer to take the frequency up to 1GHz. I also have a
Tektronix 35ps tunnel diode pulser for checking pulse response.

My standards are not NIST traceable, but they have been spot
checked to other standards, and I believe result in a system
calibrated better than Tektronix specified for the 2465.

The Fluke 5205A is truly a scary piece of equipment. It will
do 1000V at 100ma, and will truly cook you! It has a bunch of
4CX250 tetrodes driving the final stage. It weighs more than
150lbs! The fans really roar.

-Chuck Harris

lazystrings wrote:

I repaired a Tektronix 2465B DM and I was able to calibrate with lots of pain the Horizontal time base that was out of cal in some ranges.
Before any calibration was performed I backed up the NVRAM Dallas 1225Y but it was already dead and it wasn't holding the data reliably. I Installed a Socket and replaced it with a fresh 1225AD and downloaded NVRAM data I found at the KO4BB repository. Once I installed the NVRAM on the A5 board, the Scope started without errors but some of the horizontal scales where out of tolerance. The DMM was also totally out of Calibration.
I was able to calibrate everything on the scope part but on the DMM side I don't have equipment to calibrate ACV and ACA.
I have a FLuke 5200A but it only goes to 110V and I need to be able to generate 500VAC (scary stuff) to finish the CAL routine as it doesn't allow for partial calibration.
I have no access to other equipment (unless I rent some). Is there any safe way to generate the high voltages at the required frequencies to finish the calibration of the DMM? Is it possible to modify the memory locations on the NVRAM with the right parameters to the missing calibration parameters?
I couldn't find on the service manuals the location of each parameter.
I can read the contents of the Ram using Exerciser 02 and also reading the bin file I created after I backed up the fresh NVRAM with my eprom programmer. I found the exact location by finding the information shown by Exerciser 02 and looking at the binary file I created.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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