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Don Black <donald_black@...>

Yahoo is playing with fire. It's not just Yahoo groups, it's their corporate reputation that will stink. When I first started using the Internet it was just evolving from text to graphic sites and Yahoo was the new search engine that was the wonder of the age. Since hen there are a host of other search engines available, Google has become the giant to the point where it's now part of the language -  Google to find .....
Yahoo lost the lead and has tried to diversify but it needs all the credence and good will it can get. Maybe only 1% of its group have actually left but most members who regularly use it are not just annoyed but furious. There have been many of the biggest companies who have tried forcing something new and unwanted on the public and have soon had the sense to reverse the decision to preserve their market. The longer Yahoo holds out the more damage it will do. Businesses associated with them will soon get the jitters if their reputations, customers and sales fall away. I haven't noticed it hitting the mass media here yet but if they continue it will happen. I don't have any shares in Yahoo but I'd be worried if I did.

Don Black.

On 26-Sep-13 11:02 PM, Knut wrote:

I think wanting the old Yahoo Groups back is a futile exercise.

So far, the groups that left because of Neo accounted for just under a million group members.
That is still less than 1% of the total number of Yahoo Group users.

Groups that are REALLY unhappy with Yahoo Groups have already moved like one of the other Yahoo Groups I'm a member of.
Others like this one will probably move unless Neo somehow magically gets fixed.
And the majority of the groups will just continue with Yahoo as best they can.

I can just dee the spin by Yahoo - 99% of our Yahoo customers are happy with the new format.


On 2013-09-26, at 6:12 AM, Jay Walling wrote:

Anyway, this showed up on manual exchange so I figured I'd post info for this petition here.
"Yahoo! Groups: I want the old Yahoo Groups back!"

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