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Don Black <donald_black@...>

I agree with Knut, though I do try (and sometimes fail) to remember to delete most of the previous messages, just leaving what I'm replying to. Sometimes it's a treasure hunt just to find where the reply starts if it's at the bottom. Also, some replies are spread throughout the original message to answer point by point. That can be appropriate sometimes if not overdone.
It's our differences that make the world go round, lots more to fret about than where a reply is placed.

Don Black.

On 21-Sep-13 12:43 PM, Knut wrote:

On 2013-09-20, at 6:47 PM, cheater00 . wrote:


Dave has not quoted the message he was replying to, which has been against netiquette since at least 500 BC. You committed top posting ie writing the reply before the quote, which is also bad. Neither are issues with email per se.

This is your opinion.

I like to quote what I'm replying to as well simply to make sure that there is no misunderstanding what I'm referring to, but there are two Yahoo Groups I'm a member of where the administrator really frowns on anyone quoting from a previous post.
Their argument is that it creates too much repetition in the archives and the digest which I can understand as well.

As to writing the reply before the quote - that makes sense if the quote is very some of them have been in this group.
Doesn't make sense to have to scroll down a page and a half to find some comment like "I agree"

I usually place my replies first since I consider the quoted part just a reminder in case the person reading my message can't remember what the discussion was all about.


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