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There may be too much jitter in the mercury relay switching time but here's an idea for pre-triggering without a signal delay line. If the time base is triggered off the relay switching voltage it will start before the relay makes contact and produces the signal pulse. That delay will be too long but if a delay (such as an electronic delay - MV, delay line, etc.) is used to hold off the trigger start time it should be possible to time the signal at the correct sample point. As I said, I suspect time jitter will be too great but it would be interesting to try.

Don Black.

On 24-Aug-13 1:26 AM, sander.slang wrote:

I checked the documents I have found during my TLP research a year ago before I new anything from 7000 series equipment.

I discovered all the research labs and universities were using the same or similar sampling oscilloscopes from Tektronix.

The first paper talked about a 50 ps rise-time sampling scope from Tektronix with 1V range and needed a high quality delay line from corrugated air-spaced semi-flexible cable connected to the pulse relay via a resistive signal sampler close by the relay.
The relay was pulsed at 60 Hz (I am using same relay).
This paper is from ~1970

Another paper was from a company that develops similar device:

See page 2 and 3 from this paper They use identical hardware I have except for the delay line I do not own.

How do you think they captured this nice 196ps signal with the S712 and 7854?

Is this as simple as pulsing at 60 Hz and the waveform will be visible?


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