Re: 2445B vs. 2465B

Robert Simpson

This is totally off the purpose of this forum. I am sure there are other places for this discussion. Please end it.

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Hello, I am Marcel, in New Jersey, USA. Unlike Mr Yachad, if I occupy a territory, it was last American-Indian 400 years ago, whereas Mr Yachad occupies recently (44 years ago) encroached Palestinan territory. For the sake of full disclosure, if a Palestinian misbehaves, Israel buldozes his house down, along with a few of his neighbors' houses to promote shared responsibility for good future behavior. Has it worked for you? Made any friends there lately? Perhaps Mr Yachad would like to bulldoze all the 2445Bs upgraded to 2465Bs for the sake of their genetic purity? Good luck! From what I gather, Alex did not lightly decide one day this was feasable. He tested multiple 2465Bs and upgraded 2445Bs side by side with signals from Tek PG506 and SG504, and had users put them thru their paces in double blind study. Mr Yachad noticed his was upgraded not from a limitation in the course of use, but when he decided to go in and replace some caps by age, or because scope's power supply was hit by a power line surge. It should be pointed out that surges in 230V countries are more likely to cause problems than in 115V countries, because gas filled spark gaps (like MOVs) fire at 250V which is quite close to the 230V seen in 230V countries. Ever the expert, Mr Yachad had to learn from Alex Schonfeld (the counterfeiter?) that you cannot run a switching power supply like in 2400s in series with a 100W lightbulb to limit current going in. Mr Yachad may be an expert in audio, but had a lot to learn about 2465Bs from Alex. I'm sure Alex wasn't expecting the gratitude shown in this thread... attacking his personality, labeling him Russian (which he's not)...
Russians became famous for painstakingly copying the WWII era Boeing B29 bomber, even though aluminum stock in US wasn't metric like Soviet. Despite great effort both the B29 and its Soviet copy became rapidly obsolete. The Russians were also accused of copying the Concorde into the TU-144 ("Concordsky"?), and the French, perhaps not even justifiably, got their revenge by "accidentally" knocking it out of the sky at a le Bourget airshow in June 1973. There was no disclosure about how much, if anything, was copied, or just how hard the French worked to cause the accident in revenge. No one really expected the TU-144 to be a commercial success, and as it turns out, neither was the Concorde.
Alex did not copy Tektronix... He uses exclusively Tek 24__ parts to make his 2465Bs, and he calibrates them to work indistinguishably as well. By now many have had to have gone thru various calibration labs, and there is no comparable metrolgy lab thread about 2 kinds of 2465Bs. Is Mr Yachad suggesting all cal labs are blind and incompetent? Or perhaps, these upgrades are passing cal just fine, in which case Alex's handiwork, with or without disclosure, is a good thing?

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Are you Alex Schonfeld hiding out here? I notice that you have not granted us the courtesy of posting any semblance of a name or location to identify yourself.

All of us here on this group, are not ashamed to identify ourselves fully, and share our real contact details outside of the forum.

And all your postings appear to be on this issue, in the last month.

I also find it highly suspicious that Alex would share all the commercial details with you, regarding my transaction with him.

So come clean, tell the truth, and let's see who you really are.

You, or whoever you are, can postulate all the justifications under the sun for what Alex has done.

As engineers, we deal with with concrete facts, not suppositions and etherea.

This "modification" was not done honestly with full disclosure, and I don't care how or what you'd like us to believe.

Alex appears to be using you as a conduit, and so I'm requesting the moderators to remove you from this group immediately.

In your posts, you've added nothing positive technically in terms of indisputable concrete facts to enhance our enjoyment or utility using these scopes.

Goodbye and good riddance.

Menahem Yachad
I've also had a feeling Marlizy1 was a sockpuppet, or at least a very
argumentative "good buddy". Marlizy's comments lack logical integrity
and would in no way stand up in court (we're talking about Alex
what's-his-name's criminal activity here). He's using awful
argumentation and not really adding anything.

I've never seen Marlizy1 before. He's likely joined on to argue on
this one topic.

In addition, I've noticed several subtle errors in Marlizy1's English,
so if that's Alex then it would fit in with him being from, say,
Russia. Alexiey is a popular name in the ex Eastern Bloc; no other
European countries have popular names that shorten to Alex.

I second the motion to give Marlizy1 the boot.


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