Tek HV parts (570)


My Tek model 570 vacuum tube curve tracer seems to have
lost the ability to keep the high voltage running. When
it is first powered on, I get a nice trace, but the HV
oscillator tube (6AQ5) looks like it's really unhappy
about it. In a minute or so, the high voltage goes
away with the usual dim expanding trace.

I've replaced the tubes, and don't see anywhere the
supply is overloaded, so I'm guessing a failed
capacitor or shorted turn in the transformer. Anyone
know where to get small quantities of the 1,2,3, and 4
kilovolt capacitors? I've found about half of them,
a couple apiece at five different vendors (I'd end up
spending 10 times more in shipping than in parts).
Are some capacitors more likely to fail than others?
I don't have a high voltage capacitor tester, though
I plan to go through it with the one I do have if I
can't just replace 'em all. And if I'm really unlucky,
anyone know where I can obtain a replacement HV transformer?

Failing all the above, can anyone recommend a place to have
classic Tek gear repaired?

-- Thanks,
John Rehwinkel

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