Re: SMT curve tracer adapters OT?

Don Black <donald_black@...>

Do you know of a site that has small sockets. I have some Russian tunnel diodes that are like small pucks 3 mm in diameter with contacts on each side and would like to find some high frequency sockets to hold them. Somewhere with photos of their sockets that I could try and match would be good.

Thanks, Don Black.

On 01-Aug-13 10:53 PM, jerry massengale wrote:


I am designing an adapter for SOT-23 devices to use with semiconductor testers like the Tek 576 and 577. I have selected the Wells-CTI 499-P44-20 as the uut socket as it is the only one I have found. It takes up up a SOT-23-6. I would like to have the capability of testing as many devices as possible. There are many thousands of transistor and diode product that could be tested. My latest TO-18/92 design uses 2 switches to select between 2 uut sockets and biploar or fet configuration. I need to come up with a scheme to allow testing of dual diodes and transistors.

If someone has done some work in this direction and would like to contribute ideas, I would be most grateful.


Jerry Massengale

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