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Dave / NR1DX


I have both a high resolution scan as well as an original OEM paper manual contact me off list for details

On 7/28/2013 6:18 PM, fred wrote:

I'm still struggeling with my 2710. The biggest problem is the schematics. I found a service manual ( and uploaded it to bama and KO3BB because it is hard to find. But the schematics are very hard to read. It is not a great copy, but better as nothing.

Does someone has a good manual or readable schematics. Or better a real paper manual for sale. ( I have a 2712 too, that is working great but probably needs some new caps too soon)

I replaced all caps, a lot were bad. I changed a dozen 1 uF tantaliums, they were leaking around 10-20 uA,, lost some capacitance (10-40 %) and D was 0.4 to over 1.5. I'm out of stock so I have to order new ones. In the mean time I'm tracking the problems. No readable readout, a raster of spots on the graticule and no response to signals, not even the internal reference. It reacts on all buttons, seems to pass the selftest ( it beebs like the 2712 when done but I can not read if that is thru.

It looks at this moment the problem is in the storage display board or microprocessor (commands not reaching the other parts of the SA) board. A lot of work. I have no extenders so i must solder short wires to the IC pins to clip a probe or pod to. Look for truth tables of the 74 logic and look if the gates all work. And guess about the PLS things ( a friend helps with that) And work my way from PLS and gates through the board.

And if it turns out to be a PLS, eprom or other digital thing i may have a problem ( but that friend maybe can do things in that area, he is ( in my analog eyes) a real digital wizzard )

Fred pa4tim

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