Re: MCP and CRT Readout

Don Black <donald_black@...>

I don't have experience with MCPs but their glass channel wear out sounds similar to the problems with Image Orthicon camera tube targets. These are thin glass discs that have an electron image built up on the lmage side which has to leak through the glass between scans to form a charge on the scanned side. The original targets were made of doped glass that was slightly "ionic"conductive and they only had a life of a few hundred hours before they wore out as their resistance increased. A different type of glass was introduced (by EEV I think) called Elcon (electron Conduction) that used a resistive mode and that increased tube life ten fold plus was much less prone to "sticking" (image retention) than the old type. I guess similar developments were made to the glass channels in MCPs.

Don Black.

I mean later MCP CRTs which are still used in some specialized
applications. I base this on the links posted here in a MCP
discussion thread some time ago which discussed MCP lifetime and
wearout mechanisms. I suspect the MCPs Tektronix used had unusually
short rated lifetimes but maybe they wear out quickly because of how
they are applied.

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