Re: What can you do with a Waveform Monitor or Vector Scope, other than TV measurements?


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Hi guys,
there are many cheap Waveform Monitors and Vector Scopes around, and -
given that their main use is utterly obsolete, because nobody uses PAL
or NTSC anymore or will stop using it soon - are there other uses for
those units that a layperson such as myself wouldn't know about? Can
they somehow be used as more general instruments? Do some of them at
least yield parts useful in other equipment?

Doorstops and boat anchors....

Seriously, I am an advid collector of Tek equipment, and have none of these in my collection. I don't see the value for test equipment that measureses signals which virtually do not exist anymore. In most cases, you would need to buy a Tek signal generator to test these.

The tube models *may* have common parts with a few scopes of the same era. However, as I understand it, the vertical amplifier design for TV waveform monitors it totally different.

- Steve

- Steve

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