Re: 475 problem

Mark Wendt <mark.wendt@...>

On 07/18/2013 05:59 PM, David wrote:
It is like unraveling a sweater worn by a pretty woman. You do not
stop pulling yarn until her chest is exposed. (*)

The 475 z-axis amplifier is actually a little easier to understand
than the others in the series because Q1352 is grounded so the emitter
and base voltages are fixed. The others use emitter degeneration for
better DC stability although by studying the differences, now I know a
trick for figuring them out just as easily. I had hoped that the
other schematics might have exactly the same circuit with the voltages
marked but they do not.

Someone else can analyze the actual DC restorer if neccessary. Those
always confuse me.

(*) The Bear and the Dragon - Tom Clancy
Reminds me of another Tom Clancy quote: "Daughter's are God's revenge for being a man." ;-)


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