Re: How has Ebay changed the way you acquire used test equipment?


I've told this tale before, but some may have missed it..........
Back in the 80's, I was an Engineer for IBM in Lexington, Ky. One day one of my buddies came in from his smoke break and said, "Ron, you got to see this".
Next to our building was one of those huge, open top dumpsters. It had recently been emptied.
Inside were more Tek 'scopes than I could count. Seems one of the Engineering groups got the latest generation and they just pitched the old ones in the dumpster.
IBM had a great calibration/repair department, so every one of those babies when into the dumpster, working.
IBM had a strict "no dumpster diving" policy which was started years before when the plant was doing some up grades and a bunch of guys got into a brawl over some florescent lighting fixtures....

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Prior to ebay, the only place I got test equipment was the local swap meet (Foothill/DeAnza), word of mouth, and from dumpsters and piles behind businesses (I figured if they stacked it out in the rain, it was one step from the dumpster...).  The local dealers (Halted/Haltek/etc) were always too $$$ for my taste. 

Ebay was actually a great source of information about gear I knew little about (and still is).  Local prices (like craigslist) can be higher, but even those have been falling.

It's all supply and demand.


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Subject: [TekScopes] How has Ebay change d the way you acquire used test equipment?

I am interested in hearing how the advent of Ebay has changed the way you acquire used test equipment.

FWIW...I acquired the majority of my test equipment before Ebay was popular (mid 1990s-early 2000s) and locally from several surplus sources..companies and the equipment came from the user to me middlemen. The quality of the toplne equipment was working and calibrated to parts machines...but plenty of equipment that was easily fixed and used on my bench.

Since then most of those sources have dried up...with many of the remaining others selling directly on Ebay or liquidators on the Web. Some of this is because of the trend to lease instead of buying the equipment...but realistically Ebay killed buying locally.

So I have seen the variety and numbers of items drop and prices skyrocket with the greater competition for what seems to be dwindling quantities and variety.

What has been your experience?


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