Re: 7603 CRT max possible bandwidth?

Don Black <donald_black@...>

Thanks Cliff, that's probably the equipment I was thinking of, quite remarkable performance for its time. Keeping to the Tektronix theme, the time line shows the 519C as a 3 GHz scope but with only 180 vols / cm sensitivity. I can't recall anything about this version, perhaps a few hand made specials for the nuclear laboratories? Does anyone know any details (manual, hen's teeth??).
It's interesting how most of the scopes current in 1983 used MCPs  and mention was made of one failure due to the MCP after 9000 hrs. In light of discussion about the 7104 MCP fragility that sounds like a long life.

Don Black.

Don Black

On 13-Jul-13 1:28 PM, Cliff White wrote:

Here's what I think you're remembering:

Image 5 talks about a French 7GHz one, page one has a Russian 7Ghz scope, and there's lots of other goodies in between!

Cliff White, W5CNW
On 07/12/2013 09:59 PM, Don Black wrote:

I don't think that's what I had in mind. I believe there was mention of it several years ago here when there was discussion of the 7109, third party amplifiers and pushing it's bandwidth to 3 GHz. It might have been discussion around the old 519 without amplifiers, just talking about the tube frequency limit. Does anyone else remember it or are the pixies playing with my mind?

Don Black.

On 13-Jul-13 12:32 PM, David DiGiacomo wrote:


On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 8:25 PM, Don Black <donald_black@...> wrote:
> I think a French company (CSF?) made an analog scope that went to 7 GHz.

Not a scope, and not CSF, but you got the French part right:

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