Re: 7603 CRT max possible bandwidth?

Don Black <donald_black@...>

I think a French company (CSF?) made an analog scope that went to 7 GHz.

Don Black.

On 13-Jul-13 11:22 AM, Dennis Tillman wrote:

The vertical deflection 3dB point of the 7104 MCP CRT exceeds 3GHz.
"Exceeds" is the best Tek was able to determine since measurements at these
frequencies is not easy to do. The vertical distributed deflection plates
have a 200 ohm impedance.

Lockheed took an off the shelf 7912 CRT and used it as the heart of a soft
X-ray detector. They measured the vertical deflection 3dB point of the 7912
CRT as 3.5GHz.

The Horizontal bandwidth of the entire 7104 horizontal system from the BNC
on a 7A29 is >350MHz which is the only scope I know of with that bandwidth
on the horizontal axis.

I believe LeCroy made a faster CRT at one point. Steve Ditter may be able to
confirm what LeCroy was able to do with their fastest analog scopes.

Interesting. How far up do you think this will go in terms of vertical
deflection? 200MHz? 400 MHz? What's the fastest oscilloscope with this type
of deflection plate arrangement?


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