Re: adjusting 100v supply on tek 575 curve tracer

Don Black <donald_black@...>

That's a fair drop. Do you know if it was OK before you re-capped? I'd check what you did, I'm not familiar with the 575 but some of the Tektronix models use the electrolytic can mounting lugs as cross connections and if different styles are used the connections have to be linked. Measure the voltage at the rectifier, if it uses selenium rectifiers they can become inefficient.

Don Black.

On 09-Jul-13 12:20 AM, mattko87 wrote:

Hi, Check Resistor, R 636 and 638.
If Resistor is ok, that swap 6080 or Capicator.

Best Regards
--- In TekScopes@..., "lindberg.adam" wrote:
> Hi
> I have two Tektronix 575, one with the 122C modification and one without the modification.
> I figured I should recap the 122C one last night and did just that, but one problem when all is done is that the 100v supply reads 77v, the calibration manual says the value should be +-2v.
> I have looked in all the manuals for how to adjust this voltage but cant find anything except for the -150v supply witch I have adjusted
> anyone got any ideas?
> I will recalibrate the 575 when I get the voltage figured out, but before that its no use to calibrate anything.

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