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Robert Simpson

Some 7K plug-ins have TV sync such as a 7B53A I have. Would that work? Lots of plug-in out there.

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Good Day,

a bit off-topic, but if you are seriously into analogue video, I truly recommend an analogue o'scope rather than any "early" digital o'scope.
It's the clarity of the signal and the increased sensitivity analogue scopes offer as inherent advantages when probing video signals. And the BW-requirements are fairly low so can be met by most analogue o'scopes. Good triggering on TV-lines and fields is a must-have.

I always had a Tek 456B with Option 05 or a type 2246 o'scope near-by when analyzing analogue CVBS- and S-Video-signals.
Wow, that was many moons ago...



P.S. remember to terminate your signal cables with good quality 75-Ohm terminators or any level-measurements will be invalid.

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Any scope with Insta-Vu will work. That's what DPO mode was called before they changed it in the later models. My TDS754A has InstaVu, so you don't necessarily need a 'D' revision scope.


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Does anyone know if opt 05 TV Trig can be retofitted to
Tek TDS 744A. Is Firmware upgrade required after installation of the 05 board.
Does anyone have one for sale.
One last thing, I'm not sure how useful video trigger is on anything earlier than the 7XXD series. Without DPO, it's not possible to display a very meaningful view of a video signal. You will be able to see things like the color burst and horizontal sync pulses, but not much else. Trying to view a full frame will result in a mess of aliasing. You'll have a tough time even recognizing it as a video frame.

Try displaying a video signal without option 05, and you'll see what I mean. The main thing option 05 gets you is the ability to select a particular line by line number. It won't make the display any clearer.

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